Read emails at the right time to act on time

Share goals and priorities to improve communication and collaboration.

Reduce the number of emails and focus on essential.

Works with your existing messaging system.

You do not need to change your messaging system. Matemine installs on the user workstation and integrates into Gmail / G-suite and soon in Outlook / Microsoft 365.

Data confidentiality.

Your personal data are not used. The content of your emails is neither read, used nor stored.

Communicate your intentions to your contacts.

Communicate to your contacts the purpose of your emails and the deadline if there is one.

Is this information that must be known before a specific date, is this a question awaiting an answer, or is it an action to be carried out?

If your contacts use Matemine, this information will accompany your email to allow it to process it better.

Classified and prioritized emails.

The nature of the email and its priority are visible directly in the inbox without having to open the email.

Use labels to filter emails, in the blink of an eye identify emails to be processed the same day or late.

As a sender you also have this information to track your sent emails.

Matemine for Outlook

Developments are underway to integrate Matemine into Outlook / Microsoft 365.

If you want to know more, participate or test the functionality in preview then give us your email address so that we can contact you.

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